2018 PhotoMidwest Annual Members' Show


Although it may not feel like it outside, spring is on its way. And as happens each spring, it is time for the Annual Photo Midwest Members Show! Running from Saturday March 3 - March 31, 2018 at the UW Hospital, including our usual gallery space in the C5/2 Surgery Waiting Area and E5/2 Main Entrance.  And as a bonus this year, the show will continue at the Pyle Center from Sunday, April 8 - Friday, June 1.

This show is free and open to all PhotoMidwest members in good standing at the time of the show.

Here are the important dates to keep in mind:

  • Friday, February 23: deadline for information submission. You must submit your name, image title, price* or value if not for sale, medium/process, overall framed size and contact information, along with a small jpeg (longest side 500 px, 72 dpi) for use on the Photo Midwest website. E-mail this information to Mike Engelberger (smwmikee@yahoo.com) no later than February 23rd to participate in this event.
  • Saturday, March 3, from 9 - 10:30 am: image drop-off. Bring your image to the main entrance to the UW hospital on Highland Avenue. You do not need to park in the ramp; just pull up at the main entrance. Image drop-off is coordinated by Rebecca Power (rebecca@rpowerimages.com with any questions). Show opens this afternoon.
  • Sunday, March 18, from 1 - 3 pm:  Reception. Members are encouraged to bring food and/or drinks (but no alcohol) to share. Parking is available in the hospital ramp, or across Highland Ave in lot 85.
  • Saturday, March 31, from 9 - 10 am: image pick-up. As with drop-off, just pull up to the main entrance; no need to park in the ramp.
  • Sunday, April 8, from 1-2:00 pm: image drop-off. Bring your images to the Pyle Center main entrance - 702 Langdon St, Madison. More details to follow.
  • Friday, June 1, from 9-10:00 am: image pick-up, again at 702 Langdon St, Madison.

Members, we need your help! If you can assist with drop-off, the reception, or pick-up, please let Mike Engelberger (smwmikee@yahoo.com) know ASAP!

Exhibition Rules:

  • Any current PhotoMidwest member may enter one image to hang in the show, at no cost (and if your membership is due for renewal, please renew ahead of time online, or bring a check for your membership dues to the photo drop-off).
  • As a member show, there is no jury; so the image choice is entirely up to you.
  • Your information must be submitted to Mike Engelberger (smwmikee@yahoo.com) no later than February 23rd (although he would appreciate it sooner, if possible!)
  • Images need to be framed with a wire hanging device - no saw-tooth hangers.
  • If your frame size is larger than 48" please contact Mike for special assistance.
  • On the back bottom right corner place your image information including your name, image title, price* or value if not for sale, medium/process, overall framed size and contact information.

Note: Drop-off and pick-up times are fixed; if you are unable to meet either of these windows, please try to find a friend to help you out.

*Sales at UW Hospital are handled by the hospital, which will collect a 20% commission on any sales. Mike Engelberger and Rebecca Power will be the primary contacts for sales inquiries at the Pyle Center.