Matting & Framing for Beginners: 9 am - 4 pm Sat, Jul 28. Only 2 places left!

Learn how to mat & frame your work with PhotoMidwest's equipment


As of 5 pm Saturday, June 23, there are only 2 places still available in this class!

Participants will learn the basics of matting and framing photographs through active learning.  Information will be provided on the equipment and supplies needed to cut mats and frame one’s own photos.  Participants will learn to cut single mats, secure photo to mat and foam core, install and secure matted image and glass in a wooden frame, finish back with paper (if desired), and complete with hanging wire.

You will leave the class with your own photo, custom matted and installed in a 16" by 20" wood frame, including installed glass and hardware; a $55 value, plus the knowledge of how to use PhotoMidwest's matting and framing equipment.

Class enrollment MUST be done by Monday, July 16, due to the cost of ordering materials in advance for this class. To learn more about this class and to enroll, go to Matting & Framing for Beginners in the PhotoMidwest Store.

Another class in July, Color Management and Printing, nicely complements this matting and framing class.