Member Exhibit Opportunities

(Updated 08/18/2018)

The PhotoMidwest Studio Gallery

PhotoMidwest has a gallery (The PhotoMidwest Studio Gallery) located in our space at 700 Rayovac Dr. in Madison, WI.  Exhibits change monthly. They are referred to as "Featured Photographer at the PhotoMidwest Studio." The contacts for this space are Michael R. Anderson or Mark Golbach .

The gallery is open to the public on Saturday afternoons from noon - 4:00 pm.  The exhibit can be seen at other times by all visitors to our premises at Rayovac Dr. including interest groups, classes and by special arrangements for the darkroom and the printers.

Click here for more information about having an exhibit in this space, including the layout of the gallery, the amount of wall space, details about the opening reception you can host and much more.

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PhotoMidwest Studio Gallery Exhibit Schedule


Aug –  20th Anniversary of PhotoMidwest

September – 20th Anniversary of PhotoMidwest
October – Myanmar Travel Group
Nov – Artist Within Salon Group Show (rec’p 11/1

Dec – Photos of Japan - George Roesch Johnson

The Fluno Center

The Fluno Center, 601 University Ave. on the UW-Madison campus, is home to the UW-Madison School of Business Center for Professional and Executive Development. Its gallery space is located near the first floor auditorium and the front desk. Open hours are generally 8 pm to 5 pm each day. Public parking is available in the Lake St., Frances St. and Lot 46 parking ramps.   Two-month exhibit time slots.  The exhibit space has room for 30-35 images and features the Walker hanging system with rods for easy exhibit installation. If you or your photographic arts group would like to exhibit at Fluno, or more information, contact Volunteer Exhibits Coordinator, Wayne Brabender, or call 608-577-3300.

Scroll down to see images from the current exhibit.

The Fluno Center Exhibit Schedule

Sept - Oct: Carolyn Knorr & Amy Stocklein

Nov - Dec: Skot Weidemann


Jan - Feb: Jessica Kuenzi

Mar - Apr: Tim Mulcahy

May - Jun: Anne and Tim Connor

July - Aug: Jennifer Peters

Sept - Oct: Leonard Black

Nov - Dec: Michael R. Anderson


Jan-Feb: Open

Mar-Apr: Open

May-Jun: Open

July Aug: Open

Sep-Oct: Open

Nov-Dec: Open

Currently at the Fluno Center:  Camp Workshops: Getting Our Hands Dirty

Carolyn Knorr and Amy Stocklein

Carolyn Knorr and Amy Stocklein are exhibiting their photographs at Fluno Center from Sept. 5 through October. They collaborated on this exhibit after taking an encaustic workshop at Studio 224 in Cedarburg, WI. Their instructor was photographer Vicki Reed. Carolyn also attended PhotoStock 2018 in June where she learned “gold leafing on vellum” taught by photographer Dan Burkholder.

Presented in this exhibit are examples of encaustic with prints on rice paper, 23K gold, silver, imitation gold and gesso prints on vellum. Each process represents a hands-on approach for each artist creating unique one-of-a-kind pieces.

Carolyn Knorr (BS-LA) and Amy Stocklein (BS-Art) are graduates of UW-Madison and appreciate the opportunity to exhibit their work in the Fluno Center Campus Gallery.

The Lowell Center

The Lowell Center is located on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus at 610 Langdon Street. and operated by the UW-Extension Conference Centers. The lobby is set aside to showcase the creativity and talent of photographic artists in the Madison area and throughout southern Wisconsin.    Two-month long exhibit slots. If you are interested in exhibiting at the Lowell Center, or want more information, email Wayne Brabender,, Volunteer Exhibit Space Coordinator, or call 608-577-3300.

Lowell Center Exhibits Schedule

Sep-Oct: Annette & Michael Knapstein      

Nov-Dec: Mike Anderson    


Jan-Feb: Katharina Marchant                                        

Mar-Apr: Marcia Getto                                           

May-Jun: April Albaugh                                                 

Jul-Aug:  Michele Gast and Byron Glick               

Sep-Oct: Katie Markson                                       

Nov-Dec: Tim Mulcahy  


Jan-Feb: Open

Mar-Apr: Open

May-Jun: Open

July Aug: Open

Sep-Oct: Carolyn Knorr and Amy Stocklein

Nov-Dec: Open

Currently at the Lowell Center: Double Vision: Seasons of Change

Annette and Michael Knapstein

Annette and Michael Knapstein are exhibiting their photographs at Lowell Center from Sept. 4 through October. Entitled, “Double Vision: Seasons of Change," their exhibit combines images that express distinctly different visions of how the changing seasons transform the world around us.

Annette Knapstein interprets the landscape in romantic, monochrome images that echo the time-honored pictorialist style -- an aesthetic movement that flourished in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. More of Annette’s photographs can be seen at

Michael Knapstein presents the changing seasons in vibrant color images that reflect a more contemporary approach. They are among 13 of his photos selected for the 2019 Calendar from Monona Bank. To see more of Michael’s photographs, visit