PhotoMidwest's new location: 700 Rayovac Dr.

Note: as of May, 2017 there is bridge/road work may delay westbound traffic at Whitney Way exit.

If you drive to PhotoMidwest by going west on the US 12 & 14 Beltline, you may experience significant delay or possible closure of traffic exiting at Whitney Wayturningleft (south) under the Beltline to Schroeder Rd and PhotoMidwest. There is significant construction involving the road under the bridge. A route that always stays south of the Beltline or taking the next exit, Gammon Rd, may be your best route to PhotoMidwest under these circumstances. We have not yet found a link on the internet with regular updates on this project.

Budget a few extra minutes for the trip to PhotoMidwest

Updates on the move to Rayovac Dr.

Maps of New Location & Membership distribution

Why & When is PhotoMidwest moving

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