Travel Group Meets at 11:30 am Friday, May 25

The PhotoMidwest Travel Interest Group (TIGR) meets every 4th Friday of the month to share and discuss travel-related images that portray a sense of time and place.

This month's theme is "Island Paradise." Share a visual story about your favorite Island Paradise, either individually or as a group.  Please bring up to 5 digital or printed images to share and discuss. Let the leader know if you need to leave early, so we can show your pictures promptly. Contact: David Schoengold, Larry Hands, Marcia Getto, Trevor Passmore or

If you would like to be added to the TIGR email list, send an email request to This group is led by David Schoengold, Larry Hands, Marcia Getto and Trevor Passmore. Email us at with any questions.

Third Thurs 7 pm April 19: Copyright Law & the Photographer, with Elizabeth Russell

As a photographer you own thousands and thousands of copyrights. And every single one is going to outlive you. Then what? This Third Thursday presentation will begin with tips and a few surprises about managing copyrights in estate plans. After that, we’ll have an open discussion about copyright myths – because in copyright law, there’s nothing more dangerous than believing a myth.  Come and share what you firmly believe about copyright; what you kind of believe (but aren’t sure it’s true); what you don’t at all believe (but fear it might be true).

Speaker Elizabeth Russell is an attorney in Madison and a PhotoMidwest member active in both the Street Photography and the Human Interest groups. Her law practice concentrates on helping businesses in the fields of copyright, trademark and digital business law. She also has an active arts law practice. She authored Arts Law Conversations: A Surprisingly Readable Guide for Arts Entrepreneurs and has a forthcoming book on copyright in estate planning. Copies of Arts Law Conversations will be available at a discount after the presentation and can be signed by her. Her website is

Third Thursday: Nature Photography with Steve Apps

The March 15, 2018 PhotoMidwest Third Thursday presentation at 7 pm features Steve Apps speaking about Nature Photography. Steve will be teaching the PhotoMidwest class on Nature Photography. To learn more about this class and to enroll, go to Nature Photography with Steve Apps. 

Steve Apps is a Pulitzer Prize finalist (team coverage) with more than 30 years of experience as a professional photographer, most recently for the Wisconsin State Journal where he was the chief photographer/photo editor. He is widely published outside of the newspaper industry with nine book credits to him as the photographer. He has taught photography classes at Madison College and the Rhinelander School of the Arts.

Alternatives to Lightroom & Photoshop: Third Thursday, 7 pm Feb 15

PDF's of the presentation's handouts and slides available

Both Lightroom and Photoshop are now only available from Adobe by subscription. What are the alternatives? Should you even consider alternatives?

Join a panel of PhotoMidwest photographers including Tim Mulcahy, Sean Lamb, Jim Thornbery and possibly others discussing what you must consider to get the right answer for your photography situation.

 All rights reserved by James Thornbery.

All rights reserved by James Thornbery.

Whether you are a post processing novice unfamiliar with clarity, layers, blend modes, or masks or a savvy pro keeping track of over 100,000 photographs and needing Fast Fourier Transform noise reduction, frequency separation, or luminosity masks, this Third Thursday will have something for you.

There will be handouts comparing Lightroom and Photoshop versus:

  •  software that may have come with your camera,
  •  established alternatives DxO PhotoLab and Capture One, and
  •  new alternatives Luminar, ON1 Photo RAW, and Affinity Photo.

We intend to not duplicate other reviews and comparisons you can find on the internet, but will also provide links to the best videos and web reviews comparing these programs. Hope to see you there!

PDF's of the presentation's handouts and slides available

Third Thursday, 7 pm, Feb 18: Social Media & Website Development for Photographers, Bring Your Devices Along!

Join PhotoMidwest member Katarina Marchant for a discussion of photography as it relates to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all those other websites. Website development will also be coverdd. Katarina offers the perspectives of a recent Photography MFA graduate. It should be a lively, insightful, evening. This is a participatory event; everyone should bring their tablet, laptop, or phone so we can work together to solve questions!

Third Thursday, 7pm, Nov 16: Katharina Marchant - Photography: the manufacturer of memory

 Katharina Marchant, self-portrait. All rigfhts reserved by Katharina Marchant.

Katharina Marchant, self-portrait. All rigfhts reserved by Katharina Marchant.

Since photography's creation there has been a push and pull between photography as an artwork and photography as a documentary tool. With November's 3rd Thursday presentation we will be exploring the relationship between photography and how our memory has been influenced by the photographing process and the images. The presentation will explore how photographers use imagery to recall memory, how memories are changed through the photographic imaging process, and how has the subject matter of photography influenced memory.

 All rights reserved by Katharina Marchant.

All rights reserved by Katharina Marchant.

Katharina Marchant is a photographer who recently moved to Madison. Due to her experiences growing up in the military her work centers around cultural identity. Since becoming a mother in 2013 she has expanded her work to include motherhood and identity. She currently teaches photography and art history for the University of Maryland and looks forward to pursing new photographic opportunities around Madison. Katharina has a BA in painting from University of Nevada, Las Vegas and an MFA in photography from Utah State University. Her website is

Giving Tuesday at PhotoMidwest, 10 am - 8 pm, Tues, Nov 28

First there was Black Friday, then there was Cyber Monday.  Now, Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday  after Thanksgiving) is a growing movement to spur charitable donations and volunteering. PhotoMidwest will participate in Giving Tuesday this year, and we hope that you will too.  Our participation will be in the form of an open house and pop-up member photography show taking place throughout our facility.  Visitors will be able to see our facility, purchase prints and used gear, become members, and make donations from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm.

You can help in several ways: 

  • Bring a framed print to show as part of the exhibit (if you have a tabletop easel, bring that along as well; a limited number of easels will be available at the studio).
  • Donate one or more prints to PhotoMidwest for sale during the exhibit.
  • Donate a plate of light refreshments to serve to visitors during the day.
  • Volunteer to staff the studio for one or more hours during the day (two people per hour is the goal).Stop by to see the exhibit and talk photography with other members and visitors.
  • Tell your friends to come see the exhibit and ask if they would be able to drop a couple dollars into the donation bin.
  • Drop a dollar or two into the bin yourself

We're starting our participation in Giving Tuesday with a small event, but we hope that this will be a seed for larger and more elaborate exhibits and social and charitable events in the future.  Prints and sale donations can be left at the studio until Monday November 27; please clearly label any donations and leave them in our digital print lab and notify Sean Lamb about them.

If you have questions, or to volunteer for an hour or more, please email Sean Lamb .

Featured Photographers: Street Seen, Opening Thursday, Nov 2, 7-9 pm

On view will be 29 images, from Madison and around the world, which capture unposed moments of everyday human activity in public spaces. Each photo tells the story of a moment as witnessed by the photographer.

Gallery Hours: Saturday's in November from Noon to 4 PM, prior to scheduled events or by appointment.

The Monthly Featured Photographer presentations are free, open to the public, ADA accessible and begin at 7 pm at PhotoMidwest, 700 Rayovac Dr. Suite 212, Madison.

The Inscribed Studio Portrait as Self-image: Photographing a New Self in Early 20th-Century China. Monday, Oct 23, at Univ of Wisconsin

PhotoMidwest members who are not attending the Long Exposure Group's monthly meeting may want to consider this presentation at the University of Wisconsin Madison:

Wu Hung, Harrie A. Vanderstappen Distinguished Professor of Chinese Art, Department of Art History, The University of Chicago

The Inscribed Studio Portrait as Self-image: Photographing a New Self in Early Twentieth-Century China

Monday, October 23, 2017 @ 7:30pm Conrad A. Elvehjem Building, L160, University of Wisconsin Madison

China inscribed portrait talk.PNG

This talk studies photographs that subtly disrupt the classification of portraits and self-portraits. These are studio portraits that bear the sitters’ inscriptions. Using a group of images related to the “queue-cutting” movement in early 20th-century China as examples, Wu Hung suggests that when an inscription is imbued with a distinct “I” voice and expresses the sitter’s personal feeling, experience, and aspiration, it transforms the anonymous portrait into a “self-image.” This case study further leads us to contemplate on photography’s role in facilitating such transformation.

Wu Hung, a member of the American Academy of Art and Science, is a well-known art historian, critic, and curator. Currently he holds the Harrie A. Vanderstappen Distinguished Service Professorship at the Department of Art History and the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago, and is also the director of the Center for the Art of East Asia and the Consulting Curator at the Smart Museum at the same university. He sits on many international committees including Guggenheim Museum’s Asian Art Council, and chairs the Academic Committees of OCT Contemporary Art Terminal and Yuz Museum. He is the author and editor of more than 20 books and anthologies on traditional and contemporary Chinese art; the most recent ones include A Story of Ruins: Presence and Absence in Chinese Art and Visual Culture (2012), Contemporary Chinese Art: A History (2014) and Zooming In: Histories of Chinese Photography (2016).


Third Thurs, 7pm Sept 21: Andy Manis - Mastering Freelance Photography

 Andy Manis. By Andy Manis, all rights reserved.

Andy Manis. By Andy Manis, all rights reserved.

Be independent. Govern your own photographic talent. Enjoy managing your work hours. Freelance photography can be a rewarding experience when you run the ship. There is however a small flipside. Every client will have a different plan, program and policy, so it’s also critical to be transparent about and committed to your ethics and goals. You may want to work with some, but not with others.

Highly-regarded and experienced freelance photographer Andy Manis will share his photography, his work ethics and important freelance factors that photographers striving for independence may want to stash in their camera bags at PhotoMidwest’s Third Thursday presentation on September 21, 2017.

Manis started his photography career in 1980. He has held positions as a college staff photographer, staff photographer at newspapers, photo editor for The Associated Press, and on occasion an educator. Manis launched his freelance photography business in 1995 and has been going strong since. Clients include the University of Wisconsin, Oscar Mayer, Mead & Hunt, Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Assoc., Lindsay Stone & Briggs, Laughlin Constable, The Associated Press, The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and numerous other publications and businesses.

Third Thursday presentations are free and open to the public. PhotoMidwest is located at 700 Rayovac Dr. Suite 212, Madison, Wisconsin - ADA accessible.

Doors Open Milwaukee, Sat & Sun Sept 23 & 24

Doors Open Milwaukee is a two-day public celebration of Milwaukee’s art, architecture, culture and history. This event offers behind the scenes tours of more than 150 buildings throughout Milwaukee’s downtown and neighborhoods and in-depth tours led by community leaders. Sites include commercial properties, sacred spaces, apartment buildings, breweries, art galleries, community gardens and more stretching from downtown to the surrounding suburbs, and the neighborhoods between.


Among the tours available (several of which sold-out on the first day of Historic Milwaukee members-only sign-up) including a 2.5 hour Milwaukee Photo Walk on Saturday, Sept 23. Those interested should buy their ticket ASAP before it also sells out.

Third Thursday 7 pm, Aug 17: Why Film & PhotoMidwest's New Darkroom

Join PhotoMidwest instructor Herb Nelson and several students from his recent (Re) Discover Black and White Film class in PhotoMidwest's new Darkroom discuss why they wanted to learn photographic film and printing on photographic paper. Learn about the about The Great Film Renaissance of 2017.

Then find out about PhotoMidwest's new wet darkroom, a project that was 12 months in the making. Find out how can you get oriented to the darkroom so that you can use it, how to reserve darkroom time, and how to pay for it.

There will be an darkroom open house the following Saturday starting at noon during which members can be oriented to the darkroom, enabling members to use the darkroom.


Third Thursday, 7 pm July 20: Let's Get Social!

Social media for photographers -- platform overview, tips and discussion.

  Iceland  by Gena Larson. All rights reserved by Gena Larson.

Iceland by Gena Larson. All rights reserved by Gena Larson.

Join us for PhotoMidwest's July Third Thursday topic - social media. We'll talk about the basics of social media platforms available and how photographers can make the most of these tools for sharing their work and growing their following. Whether you're only dabbling in the shallow end of the social media pool or swimming strong, constant laps you're likely to walk away with a new appreciation for social media and some tips and tricks for making the most of your online social brand.

  Gena Larson  by Gena Larson. All rights reserved by Gena Larson.

Gena Larson by Gena Larson. All rights reserved by Gena Larson.

Gena Larson, Instagram account manager for PhotoMidwest, will lead the discussion.

Third Thursday presentations are free, open to the public, ADA accessible and begin at 7 pm at PhotoMidwest, 700 Rayovac Dr. Suite 212, Madison, Wisconsin.

Third Thursday for 7 pm, June 15, will offer films about photographers & photography.

Third Thursday for 7 pm, June 15, will offer films about selected photographers and photography. The films and videos include:

  • A documentary on Edward S. Curtis’s photogravures of American Indians.
  • Short interviews with Cole Weston, Eve Arnold, Duane Michaels, and on the street with Garry Winogrand,
  • Bill Moyers on Garry Winogrand and Emmit Gowin.
  • and possibly a few more surprise shorts.

And we will have FREE POPCORN for the audience. It should be an enjoyable, simulating evening for all. If there is interest, we can pause for discussion between the films.

Scenes from a Magic Lantern by Sean Lamb: Reception at 7 pm Thursday, May 6

One of the more interesting donations PhotoMidwest has received over the years is a collection of
Magic Lantern slides showing scenes from about 1900.  These are 2x2 inch positive slides, mostly in black and white, but there are many in color.  The subjects vary, but there are several series within the collection including:

    - Western United States national parks and cities
    - Cuba and Puerto Rico
    - Paintings, portraits and maps
    - American navy ships and land battle sites
    - Eastern Europe and Russia
    - British universities and cultural sites

The gallery exhibit will feature a sampling of prints made from this collection.  At the opening, we will discuss a little bit about the history of slides like these and their use.  Once the slides are all scanned and catalogued, they will be available for study by members and prints will be available for purchase.

Used Gear & Print Sale plus Annual Meeting, Sat April 8

Saturday, April 8 is a busy day at PhotoMidwest. It starts at 10 am with the Used Gear Sale plus a new Print Sale of photographic prints donated to help support PhotoMidwest. Then at 1 pm the Annual Meeting begins, featuring light refreshments, PhotoMidwest's Annual Report, and election PhotoMidwest board members. This meeting is open to all PhotoMidwest members in good standing plus any interested guests.

The print sale features prints donated to PhotoMidwest to support our mission. It will include an unsigned print by noted photographer Sam Abell.

Hope to see all of you there!