Scenes from a Magic Lantern by Sean Lamb: Reception at 7 pm Thursday, May 6

One of the more interesting donations PhotoMidwest has received over the years is a collection of
Magic Lantern slides showing scenes from about 1900.  These are 2x2 inch positive slides, mostly in black and white, but there are many in color.  The subjects vary, but there are several series within the collection including:

    - Western United States national parks and cities
    - Cuba and Puerto Rico
    - Paintings, portraits and maps
    - American navy ships and land battle sites
    - Eastern Europe and Russia
    - British universities and cultural sites

The gallery exhibit will feature a sampling of prints made from this collection.  At the opening, we will discuss a little bit about the history of slides like these and their use.  Once the slides are all scanned and catalogued, they will be available for study by members and prints will be available for purchase.