If you are having trouble making a purchase through the PhotoMidwest store, this page should help you troubleshoot. If your particular problem is not addressed here, please tell us exactly what problems you're experiencing so we can add documentation to help future users with similar problems.

5 Easy Steps to Purchasing a PhotoMidwest Product

1. Choose a Product Type (where applicable).

Before you can add a membership to your cart, you must first choose which variation you'd like to purchase. Click the dropdown button above the black "Add to Cart" button to choose your product variant.

Classes are discounted for members by using the membership discount code, Member15, listed by the class.  Members should write down the code for each class you select and enter them at time of checkout.

2. Next, click the black "Add to Cart" button.

For most products, a form will appear providing data input fields. Some fields are required, while others are optional. Complete the form as appropriate, then click the black "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the form.

3. Continue shopping OR checkout.

You should now be back on the product page, but now a large, black, oval button - your "Cart" - appears in the upper-right corner of your browser window. Great! Notice the cart shows how many items you've added to it; this means you can either continue shopping (to add classes, gift certificates, donations or other products) OR go directly to the cart to finish your transaction. Once you've finished adding products for purchase, click the "Cart" button to review your purchase.

4. Review your order.

The "Shopping Cart" page shows all the products you've added to your cart, along with the subtotal of your pending purchase. You can edit the information in any product form by clicking the "Edit Details" link next to the picture of any product. You can delete any product by clicking the "x" on the far-right of any product line. When you're ready to process your payment, click the large, black "Checkout" button at the bottom-right.

5. Fill out your billing information, along with any special notes for your order. Uncheck the "Join our mailing list" if you'd like to opt-out. Then click the big, black "Continue" button to enter your credit card information on via Stripe's secure payment environment.

If you are a member, you should usually enter the standard member discount code, Member15, in the lower right Coupons area in the Promo Code box. Some classes use a class-specific discount code.  If you have multiple discount codes, enter and then redeem each code one at a time.

Once you've entered your credit card info, click "Place Order" to complete the purchase.

When entering credit card information, be certain you use the ZIP code that the credit card uses for billing or the transaction will fail.


After you place your order, the site should display a "Order Confirmed" notice with an order number and your paid total. You should also receive a confirmation email.

If You're Still Having Trouble

Mon dieu! Making a purchase with your favorite non-profit should not be so difficult. And since we really want to be your favorite non-profit, please email us to share the trouble you're having. We'll help you figure it out and adjust the above information to make sure it doesn't happen to other members. Thanks for bearing with us, we really want to make this easy!