Complexities of Colour


Complexities of Colour


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Instructor: Katharina Marchant
Dates: Fridays 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, June 1, 8, and 15, 2018.
Location: PhotoMidwest, 700 Rayovac Dr., Suite 212, Madison WI. ADA accessible.
Free convenient parking in our adjacent parking lot.
Class size: Maximum of 12. Minimum enrollment of 4.


With the popularity of digital photography comes the inexpensive and available colour prints. Black and white photography is artistic, classic, and simple; but when is black and white appropriate? When is colour the right choice for an image? This course is an exercise in making creative decisions in colour.

Goal: Learn when colour variations are appropriate in photography.

Supplies: Bring 3 images (on USB or emailed to to first class.

Week 1: colour
What is colour; comparison of colour variations
How does colour change image
Discussion on images brought to class
Homework: bring 3 colour images next week

Week 2: monochrome
Critique of week 1 images
When is monochrome appropriate
What tone to choose for monochrome image
Homework: bring 3 images next week

Week 3: black and white
Critique of week 2 images
Advantages/disadvantages of black and white
Black and white vs grey scale
Variations of black and white in Photoshop


 Katharina Marchant. All rights reserved by Katharina Marchant.

Katharina Marchant. All rights reserved by Katharina Marchant.

Katharina Marchant is a photographer who recently moved to Madison. Due to her experiences growing up in the military her work centers around cultural identity. Since becoming a mother in 2013 she has expanded her work to include motherhood and identity. She currently teaches photography and art history for the University of Maryland and looks forward to pursing new photographic opportunities around Madison. Katharina has a BA in painting from University of Nevada, Las Vegas and an MFA in photography from Utah State University. Her website is


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