How-to Print on the Canon iPF6100 Printer

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How-to Print on the Canon iPF6100 Printer


To get on the waiting list for this class and also be notified when it is next offered, please email Education@PhotoMidwest.Org with the subject “Please put me on the iPF1600 class wait list”.

This orientation is open only to PhotoMidwest members. PhotoMidwest’s Canon iPF6100 can print up to 24” wide with pigment inks on both sheets and rolls of paper. PhotoMidwest stocks several different sizes and types of Canon paper in sheets plus rolls of paper. Please read details below.

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10 am - Noon Saturday, November 17, 2018

This orientation should enable members to come in any time the building is open and know operational aspects such as nozzle checks, loading both sheet paper and roll paper, basic troubleshooting, and how to not damage the printer.

Bring along one or more images you want to print on a USB flash drive. We suggest 16-bit TIFF or Photoshop files for best results. If possible, also bring a laptop computer with the image processing software you use (e.g. Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One, etc.). Having your own computer will maximize your ability to print.

There is a maximum of four members in this orientation. The registration fee covers making one 24” print on the printer, so be sure to bring along an image you want to print this large.

This orientation will not cover image processing such as color management. This orientation is only available to PhotoMidwest members.

We intend to offer this class several times a year and a similar class for the Epson 3880 17” printers.