The Artist Book

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One For The Birds, Vol 2, S Stankey.PNG
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The Artist Book


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Instructor: Sarah Stankey
Time & Dates: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Tuesdays, July 10, 17, 24, and 31
Location: PhotoMidwest, 700 Rayovac Dr., Suite 212. ADA accessible. Free parking in the adjacent parking lot
Class size: Minimum of 4, limited to a maximum of 10 participants


Books and other publications are a great way to promote your projects and network with professionals in the field of photography but getting started can be overwhelming. From self-publishing online, creating handcrafted books and approaching publishers with an idea–learn the processes behind creating the artist book.

**Please Note: A group of 20 to 50 images is required for this course. These can include wedding photos, a portfolio, vacation images, family reunions, family history, etc. They can be any orientation and size; we will cover resizing of digital files. Photoshop/Lightroom editing of your photos will NOT be emphasized in this course.


  • Instructor will provide examples of different types of artist books (both digital and handmade)
  • You should expect to spend time outside of class meetings to get the most benefit from this class
  • Plan on spending some money ($30-80) to complete your projects either through digital publication or hand-made materials.
  • Editing and sequencing your project
    • How to get your files ready for both printing and uploading
  • Finding a publisher
    • Instructor will provide a list of publishers specializing in photography publications
  • Self-publishing
    • Handmade books
    • Digital/online platforms

Week One:

  • Self Publishing
    • Looking at examples of self-published artist books (digital and handmade)
    • Introduction to online platforms for printing your project
    • Introduction to various handmade book binding techniques
    • Planning your project

Week Two:

  • Editing/Sequencing your project, choosing the right method
    • Instructor will be available to assist individuals with their projects

Week Three:

  • Work time for individual projects

Week Four:

  • Finding a publisher
    • Benefits and downfalls
    • Where to start?
    • Writing a proposal

List of materials you need to purchase will be provided by the instructor.

The Color Management and Printing class earlier this month can be a nice complement to this class.

Instructor Bio:

 Sarah Stankey. Photographer, Sarah Stankey. All rights reserved by Sarah Stankey.

Sarah Stankey. Photographer, Sarah Stankey. All rights reserved by Sarah Stankey.

Sarah Stankey is an MFA candidate in photography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a graduate associate with the Center for Culture, History and the Environment at the Nelson Institute. Sarah earned a BFA in photography from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2013. Her studio practice includes photography, letterpress and research within zoology, limnology and geology. Her interest in the natural sciences and fine arts includes the history of museums, taxidermy and cabinets of curiosity. In addition to her fine art practice, Sarah has worked at multiple museums including the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art and the Geology Museum. Sarah is the recipient of multiple awards including a Network Fellowship and the Ethel J. Odegard Scholarship, from the School of Education and the James B. Patterson and Susan S. Patterson Art Graduate Student Fellowship from the Department of Art. 

Her website is


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