Darkroom Sink Installed! Need volunteers for safelights & door.

PhotoMidwest darkroom sink ready to use! Photo by David Scadlock, all rights reserved.

PhotoMidwest darkroom sink ready to use! Photo by David Scadlock, all rights reserved.

The large stainless steel sink in the new PhotoMidwest darkroom is now fully installed. Thanks to David Scadlock for undertaking this major step towards getting the new darkroom operational.





The two remaining items that must be done before starting to use the darkroom are:

  1. select and install the best of our safelights, and
  2. make the door light tight.

Once those are done we can start using the darkroom and then work on improvements such as print drying racks, connecting the large print washer, a wheeled cart for one of the enlargers, etc.

If you want to help with safelight selection and installation or making the door light tight, please email Education@PhotoMidwest.Org. The sooner we get volunteers, the sooner we can use the darkroom.



Darkroom update: have stainless steel sink, installation is next task

A stainless steel sink was donated that better fits the available counter space. Thus we will not be using the large green fiberglass sink. Anyone wanting the fiberglass sink for their darkroom, plant potting sink, etc. please email Camera@PhotoMidwest.Org

We still need workers to help install this stainless steel sink so that it rests atop the existing counter top.

Darkroom Update; Equipment now in the darkroom.

Monday evening, July 18, Mark Coatsworth, Herb Nelson and Jim Thornbery unpacked all the darkroom equipment and decided what to keep and what to either sell, give away, or recycle. Present thought is to use the Leica 35mm enlarger, the Durst, and the Saunders with the possibility of getting a second Saunders enlarger donated. Both the Leica and the Saunders have variable contrast heads, very convenient for printing on variable contrast black and white paper. The Saunders is capable of using up to 4x5" negatives.

Some of the doors were removed and stored to better accommodate item storage. Spare developing trays were used in cabinets containing developing materials to prevent any staining. A number of developing materials will be disposed of at the Madison Clean Sweep.

The results by the end of the evening (all photos by Mark Coatsworth):

Wednesday, June 22: Library moved & re-shelved

On Tuesday Sean Lamb, Richard Linton, Bill Pielsticker and Jim Thornbery combined efforts to move all the remaining items - bookshelves, books, ladders, large chair, boxes of stuff - from storage in the adjacent vacant office into our new space.

Wednesday afternoon Mark Golbach singlehandedly arranged the bookshelves in their final positions and then unboxed and re-shelved the entire library. The result:

PhotoMidwest library in hallway at Rayovac Dr. Photo by Mark Golbach, all rights reserved.

PhotoMidwest library in hallway at Rayovac Dr. Photo by Mark Golbach, all rights reserved.

Monday, June 20: Projection sceen installed, more darkroom equipment

Gordon Olson and Jim Thornbery completed installing the large projection screen on the north wall of the large room.

Mark Coatsworth, Mark Golbach, and Jim Thornbery moved most of Jake Stockinger's generous donation of two good enlargers, cabinet with two large, light-tight,  paper safe drawers, a large fiberglass darkroom sink, large easel, film drier, large dry-mount press, books, and a number of useful other items. We have one cabinet/desk suitable for the Digital Lab yet to move.

Friday, June 17: Projection screen moved & mounting prepared

Gordon Olson and Kurt Westbrook unscrewed the large projection screen from the wall at Paterson St., loaded it plus the last two PhotoMidwest tables into their vehicles, and took them up to the new Rayovac Dr. location.  There they located the wall studs, decided how to mount the screen above the acoustic pads so that the screen would clear the pads, and then proceeded to saw and drill the boards for mounting the projection screen to the wall.

Next the mount will be painted to match the upper wall. The mount and projection screen are scheduled to be installed on Monday.

Gordon Olson locates the wall studs for mounting the projection screen. Photo by James Thornbery, all rights reserved.  

Gordon Olson locates the wall studs for mounting the projection screen. Photo by James Thornbery, all rights reserved.


Gordon Olson (L) and Kurt Westbrook (R) measure the mounting board for the projection screen. Photo by James Thornbery, all rights reserved.

Gordon Olson (L) and Kurt Westbrook (R) measure the mounting board for the projection screen. Photo by James Thornbery, all rights reserved.

Sunday, June 12: Painting completed, Epson projector now at Rayovac Dr.

Mark Golbach and Ken Halfmann completed painting the Large room on Sunday, thus finishing all the painting we need for now. Electrical wall plates will be re-installed on Monday.

The Epson LCD projector and it's wheeled cart is now at Rayovac Dr., so we can now have two events at once showing images. At present the Epson projector would have to use one of the two portable projection screens or the screen installed in the shared "board-type" meeting room located on the lower level.

The last item to be moved will be the large, wall mounted, projection screen. This will take some thought because the north wall in the Large room is not a single flat surface. Also, we want to consider if studio backdrops could be mounted in back of the projection screen.

Thursday, June 9: Large room trim painted; B&W group met in Gallery

Ken Halfmann, Mark Golbach, and Mike Anderson began painting the Large room and finished all the skill & labor intensive trim painting. They are literally ready to roll on the paint on the large surfaces between the painted trim. This will probably be on the weekend when we have painters available.

The Black and White group met in the Gallery with the flat panel display place along the east wall. The Gallery has more room for seating than the Small room; we should be able to have meetings with up to about 22 people in the Gallery.

Each fluorescent light fixture in the Gallery and Hallway exhibit space still only has 2 of the 4 fluorescent lamps they can hold; one Gallery fixture has only 1 tube and consequently does not produce light. We will be following up to get these fixtures lamped to provide all the light possible for the Gallery/Hallway exhibit space.

Wednesday, June 8: Nature group is first to meet at Rayovac Dr.

The nature group met in the small meeting/class/studio room because the large room is prepared for painting on Thursday (more painters appreciated; email Camera@PhotoMidwest.Org with the subject "I want to paint") and the gallery had some furniture temporarily in it.

We learned that the small room's capacity for group meetings is about 16 seated plus the group leader at a table near the front with the Sony display.

This meeting's theme was macro and close-up. Good images and discussion were abundant.

Tuesday, June 7: Hallway carpet in, Halfmann & Anderson prep for painting

The hallway is now carpeted, completing the new carpet installation except for installing the hallway's black vinyl wall base and the edging transition between the hallway's carpet and the large room's tile floor.

Ken Halfmann and Mike Anderson started the preparation work of applying a considerable amount of masking tape around the entire large meeting/class/studio room, the last room to be painted. Jim Thornbery helped out some removing wall plates and vacuuming the wall base.

Painting is scheduled to start Thursday during the day. Ken very much needs additional painters, so if you can help please email Camera@PhotoMidwest.Org with the subject line "I want to paint".

What does the new Main Gallery look like? The new lighting is not yet installed in this photograph below of the eastern half of the gallery. The exhibition space continues down the wide hallway to the left.

PhotoMidwest Main Gallery, 700 Rayovac Dr., by Eloisa Calender. All rights reserved.

PhotoMidwest Main Gallery, 700 Rayovac Dr., by Eloisa Calender. All rights reserved.

Monday, June 6: Help Ken Halfmann paint the last room needing paint at 700 Rayovac Dr.

This week Ken Halfmann will be leading a team of PhotoMidwest members and others to paint the large room at our new location at 700 Rayovac Dr. This is the last room that needs painting.

PhotoMidwest needs you to help get this last part of painting done. It is also a great way to meet and talk with other members. Please email Camera@PhotoMidwest.Org with the email subject line "I want to paint".

Saturday, June 4: First Open Gallery is Sunday, June 5, noon to 4 pm, at 700 Rayovac Dr.

PhotoMidwest's first Sunday open gallery will be at the usual time, noon to 4 pm, at our new location. Mark Golbach is the Featured Photographer. If the front lobby door is locked, look for a note with the cell phone number of the person staffing the gallery and telephone them. They will come down to let you in.

The Canon iPF6100 printer may be moved to the new location during the week of June 6. Please first check before going to either the old or our new location to find out if the printer has moved and if it is up and running by emailing your inquiry to Camera@PhotoMidwest.Org.

Thursday, June 2: Mostly moved in; Canon 24" printer and projection screen are last major items

The cleaning and moving went well today. When I stopped by in the late afternoon at Rayovac Dr. to drop off my shop vac, Tom Miller was already sweeping and vacuuming. He was joined by Bob Beaverson, Mike Anderson, Sean Lamb, and Mark Golbach. They then went on to transfer our stuff from storage in a vacant office into PhotoMidwest's new space.

Meanwhile, Mark Coatsworth, Rob Griesel, Ken Halfmann, and Jim Thornbery took all of PhotoMidwest's darkroom equipment down the stairs and into Rob's truck and the other vehicles. The two enlargers were the most challenging items but Mark and Ken muscled them down the stairs and into a minivan.. Then it was off to Rayovac Dr. where hand truck/carts and an elevator made it much easier to get everything up into the new darkroom-to-be.

The only problem was the day-late carpet installation was also a few yards short of enough carpet for our hallway. Since the bookshelves are going into the hallway, they and all the books and magazines remain stored in the vacant office across from the PhotoMidwest suite.

By the end of the evening almost everything else was transferred into our new space except for some backdrops, two framed photographs, a few boxes, and a donated upholstered chair plus the aforementioned bookshelves and books. The large projection screen and the Canon 24" printer plus associated equipment are the last major items still at Paterson St.

We do not plan on any moving on Friday because most of everything is already moved and it is uncertain when the hallway will be carpeted. Suzanne Rose's Lightroom/Photoshop introductory class will be held at 303 S. Paterson St. so we could do some minor work on Saturday or Sunday such as re-install electrical outlet and light switch covers in places where the electricians will not be working and remove these covers in the large room in preparation for painting it next week.

Gallery display system installed. Must have members help clean and move across hallway.

Wednesday, June 1, was the first day of our lease at 700 Rayovac Drive. Mark Golbach, Gordon Olson, and later Kurt Westbrook installed all of the gallery display track we moved from Paterson St. We are ordering an additional 32 feet to extend the gallery into the hallway. The next item for the gallery is getting the lighting installed. That will not occur for at least several days.

Meanwhile, Jim Thornbery checked out how well the LCD projector worked in the small classroom & the large room's north wall. For the small classroom, we will need something better than the existing blinds to block the daylight from the four windows. The Sony display should be fine. For the large room, the projector will work reasonably well using the present blinds.

A pair of tables and a few chairs were moved across the hallway, but we need more people to complete the move once the carpet is installed on Thursday. Mark & Gordon had the very good idea of putting all the bookcases along the east wall of the hallway, not unlike how we had them below part of the gallery display system back at Paterson St.

We need people to do a final cleanup after the remodeling and then help move chairs, tables, the Sony display, bookcases, etc. across the hallway to the appropriate locations. This could begin as early as 4 pm on Thursday, June 2. Email Camera@PhotoMidwest.Org to get on the email list to coordinate this move. You can then select the day(s) and times you can help by participating in the online poll to schedule when you can help on Thursday and Friday.

Small Class/Meeting Room Painted and ADA-width Door Installed. YOU can help on Wednesday.

Mark Golbach finished up the rest of the first coat and then the second coat on the small class/meeting room by himself. The construction crew then finished installing the new ADA-width doorway and door into this room.

The carpet installation for the gallery, small room, digital lab (Canon 24" printer & scanners), and the storage room will be delayed a day. It should now be installed on Thursday.

Wednesday, June 1, is the first day of the lease. Jim Thornbery plans to be there in the early morining, then leave and return about 10 am to move items into the large room which will remain a tiled floor and not be carpeted.

Help would be appreciated; just drop on by or first send an email to Education@PhotoMidwest.Org with the Subject "I will help on Wednesday" (use those exact words) and put only your cell phone number in the body of the email. Any email with those exact words as the subject will be forwarded as a text message to my cell phone and I will call you back.

Monday, May 30: Main Moving Done, Painting Small Room Underway

Jeff Winkler arrived with his truck and enclosed trailer and by 8 am Dave Brickman, John Bleimehl, Richard Linton, Jim Thornbery, and Warren Weinstein were busy packing up the few loose items and carrying boxes down. Maneuvering items such as the large metal storage cabinet and the wheeled wooden chair bin down the the twisting Paterson St stairs had some challenges. Then we had to figure out the best way to fit things into the trailer and vehicles. It was a real life 3-D Tetris game as items kept appearing out the door.

Amazingly, everything fit and we were off to Rayovac Dr. by about 9 am. Unloading went smoothly, elevators are so useful. Afterwards we all had a quick tour of the new PhotoMidwest suites plus the shared kitchen and board-room in the basement.

Mark Golbach started painting the small room before we arrived. After the unloading and storing was done, Jim Thornbery joined Mark. Since we had more time than paint, we concentrated on the painting thetrim, around electrical boxes, and the perimeter where basebord would be installed with the new carpeting. All of those areas received the required two coats with enough paint remaining to do the first coat on half the room.

Sunday, May 29: gallery & hallway painted. Paint small classroom & move remaining items on Monday, May 30, starting at 8 am.

This morning Mark Golbach and Jim Thornbery resumed painting and were later joined by Mark Coatsworth. The entire gallery and hallway now has two coats of white paint from the floor to 8 feet up. Areas above 8 feet that were affected by the remodeling were painted to match the original paint. The next step in these areas is installing the gallery display system.

Mark starts the first coat of finish paint for the small classroom/studio/auxiliary gallery at 8 am Monday while at the same time Jim joins Dave Brickman, Warrien Weinstein, Jeff Winkler, Richard Linton and John Bleimehl at 303 S. Paterson to complete moving all the remaining items except for enlargers plus associated darkroom equipment and the Canon 24" printer.

We could still use more helpers painting or moving. Participants will get the first look at the newly painted gallery room & hallway. All you need to do is show up at Paterson St. before we drive off with the last load.

Saturday, May 28: Painting Started; NEED MORE PAINTERS!!

Mark Golbach and Jim Thornbery started the painting preparations at 8 am today and then proceeded to put primer paint on the new drywall from the remodeling. Then it was on to painting the gallery and hallway. Chris Priebe joined them and by 4 pm the hallway and the western half of the gallery were painted. We may need a second coat to make things perfect; enough paint for a second coat may not be available until Tuesday.

Bill Pielsticker also delivered our first new furniture, a couch, chair and ottoman set donated by Marlene Siering.

If it is still there, PhotoMidwest could get a FREE refrigerator located on the west side of Parmenter St. between Lee St. and Franklin Ave. Just round up a few people and a trailer or a van.

Mark and Jim will resume painting at 10 am Sunday with the remaining paint. More painters would be greatly appreciated. Painting together is a good way to get to know other members better.

After the rest of the gallery gets its first coat, we will use the remaining paint around the trim in the small room. This makes the most of the paint we have left.

If the second coat must wait until Tuesday, Monday will be a good day to finish moving the remaining items at Paterson St. aside from the darkroom equipment and Canon 24" printer, each of which are a separate moving tasks.

Tuesday will be the day we must finish painting the hallway-gallery-small room because the new carpeting is scheduled to be installed there on Wednesday. The large room's floor will remain as tile, so if any painting is to be done there, it can be scheduled for another time.

Friday, May 27: Gallery Display System & More Stuff Removed from Paterson St.

Kurt Westbrook, Don Mendenhall and Gordon Olson carefully removed our gallery display system and then filled the holes in the wall with spackling paste. Bill Pielsticker ordered an additional 8 feet of gallery display track for the additional gallery wall space at Rayovac Dr.

Meanwhile, John Lorimer, Jim Thornbery and Kurt disassembled our flat panel display on a wheeled cart and carefully prepared it for transport.

Elsewhere in the Studio Don and Paul finished emptying and boxing our items in the storeroom and office area.

Then the crew loaded the gallery display, flat panel & cart, and a variety of boxed items into their vehicles and drove to Rayovac Dr. where all this plus the tables and sandwich boards from last night were unloaded and placed in storage. The flat panel & cart were then reassembled.

With a crew of about six and some vehicles, we can finish moving all non-darkroom non-printer items in about a half-day. The darkroom equipment and Canon printer items are separate tasks, as is taking down the big projection screen.

Next, painting the walls on Saturday.