Friday, May 27: Gallery Display System & More Stuff Removed from Paterson St.

Kurt Westbrook, Don Mendenhall and Gordon Olson carefully removed our gallery display system and then filled the holes in the wall with spackling paste. Bill Pielsticker ordered an additional 8 feet of gallery display track for the additional gallery wall space at Rayovac Dr.

Meanwhile, John Lorimer, Jim Thornbery and Kurt disassembled our flat panel display on a wheeled cart and carefully prepared it for transport.

Elsewhere in the Studio Don and Paul finished emptying and boxing our items in the storeroom and office area.

Then the crew loaded the gallery display, flat panel & cart, and a variety of boxed items into their vehicles and drove to Rayovac Dr. where all this plus the tables and sandwich boards from last night were unloaded and placed in storage. The flat panel & cart were then reassembled.

With a crew of about six and some vehicles, we can finish moving all non-darkroom non-printer items in about a half-day. The darkroom equipment and Canon printer items are separate tasks, as is taking down the big projection screen.

Next, painting the walls on Saturday.