Thursday, May 26: First Day of Moving!

Day #1 went very well with Susan & John Bleimehl, Eloisa Callendar, Chris Priebe, Mike Anderson, Sean Lamb and myself accomplishing more that I had hoped. All the books, 2 bookcases, and a large number of PhotoMidwest's items in the Paterson St. storage room are now stored at 700 Rayovac Dr. in an adjacent empty office. We learned a lot about what works and what does not for negotiating the Paterson St. stairs.

At this point we are ahead of schedule. As Thursday's Landscape meeting adjourned, multiple members moved all of our tables and the three sandwich display boards into my minivan, so those are ready to be taken to Rayovac Dr. and stored. Marcia Getto also dropped off her hand truck and more boxes.

Remaining items at Paterson St for the "regular move" are all the chairs, 3 empty bookcases, the remainder of the PhotoMidwest items in the storage room, and a 2-drawer file cabinet. We will leave our drawer of tools at Paterson St. for now since we may still need them there. The darkroom and the Canon iPF6100 printer + related items are two separate moves, probably after June 1.

Friday at 11 am Kurt Westbrook is leading the job of detaching the gallery display system at Paterson St. and John Lorimer and I are disassembling the Sony TV + wheeled cart for transport.

Saturday Mark Golbach leads the painting team starting at 8 am. Please contact him by emailing Camera@PhotoMidwest if interested, particularly if you have equipment for painting (brushes, rollers, pans, ladders). If you can help complete the move from Paterson St. to Rayovac Dr. or help transfer stored items just across the hallway into our new suites on June 1 or 2, please send an email to the same address.

Jim Thornbery