Saturday, May 28: Painting Started; NEED MORE PAINTERS!!

Mark Golbach and Jim Thornbery started the painting preparations at 8 am today and then proceeded to put primer paint on the new drywall from the remodeling. Then it was on to painting the gallery and hallway. Chris Priebe joined them and by 4 pm the hallway and the western half of the gallery were painted. We may need a second coat to make things perfect; enough paint for a second coat may not be available until Tuesday.

Bill Pielsticker also delivered our first new furniture, a couch, chair and ottoman set donated by Marlene Siering.

If it is still there, PhotoMidwest could get a FREE refrigerator located on the west side of Parmenter St. between Lee St. and Franklin Ave. Just round up a few people and a trailer or a van.

Mark and Jim will resume painting at 10 am Sunday with the remaining paint. More painters would be greatly appreciated. Painting together is a good way to get to know other members better.

After the rest of the gallery gets its first coat, we will use the remaining paint around the trim in the small room. This makes the most of the paint we have left.

If the second coat must wait until Tuesday, Monday will be a good day to finish moving the remaining items at Paterson St. aside from the darkroom equipment and Canon 24" printer, each of which are a separate moving tasks.

Tuesday will be the day we must finish painting the hallway-gallery-small room because the new carpeting is scheduled to be installed there on Wednesday. The large room's floor will remain as tile, so if any painting is to be done there, it can be scheduled for another time.