Sunday, May 29: gallery & hallway painted. Paint small classroom & move remaining items on Monday, May 30, starting at 8 am.

This morning Mark Golbach and Jim Thornbery resumed painting and were later joined by Mark Coatsworth. The entire gallery and hallway now has two coats of white paint from the floor to 8 feet up. Areas above 8 feet that were affected by the remodeling were painted to match the original paint. The next step in these areas is installing the gallery display system.

Mark starts the first coat of finish paint for the small classroom/studio/auxiliary gallery at 8 am Monday while at the same time Jim joins Dave Brickman, Warrien Weinstein, Jeff Winkler, Richard Linton and John Bleimehl at 303 S. Paterson to complete moving all the remaining items except for enlargers plus associated darkroom equipment and the Canon 24" printer.

We could still use more helpers painting or moving. Participants will get the first look at the newly painted gallery room & hallway. All you need to do is show up at Paterson St. before we drive off with the last load.