Monday, May 30: Main Moving Done, Painting Small Room Underway

Jeff Winkler arrived with his truck and enclosed trailer and by 8 am Dave Brickman, John Bleimehl, Richard Linton, Jim Thornbery, and Warren Weinstein were busy packing up the few loose items and carrying boxes down. Maneuvering items such as the large metal storage cabinet and the wheeled wooden chair bin down the the twisting Paterson St stairs had some challenges. Then we had to figure out the best way to fit things into the trailer and vehicles. It was a real life 3-D Tetris game as items kept appearing out the door.

Amazingly, everything fit and we were off to Rayovac Dr. by about 9 am. Unloading went smoothly, elevators are so useful. Afterwards we all had a quick tour of the new PhotoMidwest suites plus the shared kitchen and board-room in the basement.

Mark Golbach started painting the small room before we arrived. After the unloading and storing was done, Jim Thornbery joined Mark. Since we had more time than paint, we concentrated on the painting thetrim, around electrical boxes, and the perimeter where basebord would be installed with the new carpeting. All of those areas received the required two coats with enough paint remaining to do the first coat on half the room.