Small Class/Meeting Room Painted and ADA-width Door Installed. YOU can help on Wednesday.

Mark Golbach finished up the rest of the first coat and then the second coat on the small class/meeting room by himself. The construction crew then finished installing the new ADA-width doorway and door into this room.

The carpet installation for the gallery, small room, digital lab (Canon 24" printer & scanners), and the storage room will be delayed a day. It should now be installed on Thursday.

Wednesday, June 1, is the first day of the lease. Jim Thornbery plans to be there in the early morining, then leave and return about 10 am to move items into the large room which will remain a tiled floor and not be carpeted.

Help would be appreciated; just drop on by or first send an email to Education@PhotoMidwest.Org with the Subject "I will help on Wednesday" (use those exact words) and put only your cell phone number in the body of the email. Any email with those exact words as the subject will be forwarded as a text message to my cell phone and I will call you back.