Gallery display system installed. Must have members help clean and move across hallway.

Wednesday, June 1, was the first day of our lease at 700 Rayovac Drive. Mark Golbach, Gordon Olson, and later Kurt Westbrook installed all of the gallery display track we moved from Paterson St. We are ordering an additional 32 feet to extend the gallery into the hallway. The next item for the gallery is getting the lighting installed. That will not occur for at least several days.

Meanwhile, Jim Thornbery checked out how well the LCD projector worked in the small classroom & the large room's north wall. For the small classroom, we will need something better than the existing blinds to block the daylight from the four windows. The Sony display should be fine. For the large room, the projector will work reasonably well using the present blinds.

A pair of tables and a few chairs were moved across the hallway, but we need more people to complete the move once the carpet is installed on Thursday. Mark & Gordon had the very good idea of putting all the bookcases along the east wall of the hallway, not unlike how we had them below part of the gallery display system back at Paterson St.

We need people to do a final cleanup after the remodeling and then help move chairs, tables, the Sony display, bookcases, etc. across the hallway to the appropriate locations. This could begin as early as 4 pm on Thursday, June 2. Email Camera@PhotoMidwest.Org to get on the email list to coordinate this move. You can then select the day(s) and times you can help by participating in the online poll to schedule when you can help on Thursday and Friday.