Thursday, June 2: Mostly moved in; Canon 24" printer and projection screen are last major items

The cleaning and moving went well today. When I stopped by in the late afternoon at Rayovac Dr. to drop off my shop vac, Tom Miller was already sweeping and vacuuming. He was joined by Bob Beaverson, Mike Anderson, Sean Lamb, and Mark Golbach. They then went on to transfer our stuff from storage in a vacant office into PhotoMidwest's new space.

Meanwhile, Mark Coatsworth, Rob Griesel, Ken Halfmann, and Jim Thornbery took all of PhotoMidwest's darkroom equipment down the stairs and into Rob's truck and the other vehicles. The two enlargers were the most challenging items but Mark and Ken muscled them down the stairs and into a minivan.. Then it was off to Rayovac Dr. where hand truck/carts and an elevator made it much easier to get everything up into the new darkroom-to-be.

The only problem was the day-late carpet installation was also a few yards short of enough carpet for our hallway. Since the bookshelves are going into the hallway, they and all the books and magazines remain stored in the vacant office across from the PhotoMidwest suite.

By the end of the evening almost everything else was transferred into our new space except for some backdrops, two framed photographs, a few boxes, and a donated upholstered chair plus the aforementioned bookshelves and books. The large projection screen and the Canon 24" printer plus associated equipment are the last major items still at Paterson St.

We do not plan on any moving on Friday because most of everything is already moved and it is uncertain when the hallway will be carpeted. Suzanne Rose's Lightroom/Photoshop introductory class will be held at 303 S. Paterson St. so we could do some minor work on Saturday or Sunday such as re-install electrical outlet and light switch covers in places where the electricians will not be working and remove these covers in the large room in preparation for painting it next week.