Thursday, June 9: Large room trim painted; B&W group met in Gallery

Ken Halfmann, Mark Golbach, and Mike Anderson began painting the Large room and finished all the skill & labor intensive trim painting. They are literally ready to roll on the paint on the large surfaces between the painted trim. This will probably be on the weekend when we have painters available.

The Black and White group met in the Gallery with the flat panel display place along the east wall. The Gallery has more room for seating than the Small room; we should be able to have meetings with up to about 22 people in the Gallery.

Each fluorescent light fixture in the Gallery and Hallway exhibit space still only has 2 of the 4 fluorescent lamps they can hold; one Gallery fixture has only 1 tube and consequently does not produce light. We will be following up to get these fixtures lamped to provide all the light possible for the Gallery/Hallway exhibit space.