Darkroom Update; Equipment now in the darkroom.

Monday evening, July 18, Mark Coatsworth, Herb Nelson and Jim Thornbery unpacked all the darkroom equipment and decided what to keep and what to either sell, give away, or recycle. Present thought is to use the Leica 35mm enlarger, the Durst, and the Saunders with the possibility of getting a second Saunders enlarger donated. Both the Leica and the Saunders have variable contrast heads, very convenient for printing on variable contrast black and white paper. The Saunders is capable of using up to 4x5" negatives.

Some of the doors were removed and stored to better accommodate item storage. Spare developing trays were used in cabinets containing developing materials to prevent any staining. A number of developing materials will be disposed of at the Madison Clean Sweep.

The results by the end of the evening (all photos by Mark Coatsworth):