Spaces + Places, A Photographic Experience Group Exhibit

Setting up July's POM

Setting up July's POM

This July features 13 participants from Suzanne Rose's workshop "Spaces + Places, A Photographic Experience," held at CPM last October. Suzanne and the exhibitors will present images from the challenging photographic assignments at the State Capitol, UW Arboretum, and Forest Hill Cemetery.  

Participants include Diane Kravetz, Kurt Westbrook, Connie Pernitz, JoAnn Schoengold, David Schoengold, Carolyn Knorr, Jim Thornberry, John Gauder, Alan Attie, Phyliss Kenseth, Brauna Hartzell, Peter Hewson, Sharkey Plender, Suzanne Rose and Tom Miller. 

Future CPM Photographers of the Month

  • August - Edie Swift (opening August 7) 
  • September - Suzanne Rose (opening September 5) 
  • October - Yvette Marie Dostatni (PhotoMidwest Featured Guest Artist; opens October 2 and will be featured October 10 for Gallery Night) 
  • November - Jim Sterne (opening November 6)
  • December - Black and White Interest Group (opening December 4)


  • January - Patricia Sweeney (opening reception pending)
  • February - David and Cheryl Scadlock (opening reception February 5)
  • March - Chris Priebe (opening March 5)
  • April - Reece Donihi (opening April 2)
  • May - Theo Streibel (opening May 7)
  • June - Richard Armstrong, Tom Klingele and Don Julie (opening June 4)
  • July - December - Open 

Members may contact one of the PoM exhibit co-chairs to sign up or for further information: Tom Miller at or 608-273-1501; Kurt Westbrook at or Richard Linton at