Tracks in the Sand by Brent Nicastro, opens July 25

Brent Nicastro's sand/seascapes of the Oregon Coast of Brent's childhood are printed 20 x 30 inches in black and white on an infused aluminum sheet that give the subject a shimmer like the sea itself. He hung up his "professional" mantel after a lifetime on the freelance journalist circuit several years back. He began this new era by dumping all his color equipment and bought the baddest Leica Monochrome camera available. Then he headed out to his childhood coastal haunts of the Oregon Coast and returned with these dreamy images that conjure feelings of longing, and long-forgotten memories.

The opening reception for Madison's own Brent Nicastro's exhibit "Tracks in the Sand - Captured Memories of the Oregon Coast" is July 25th, 5:30 to 8:30 PM at Tamarack Studio & Gallery (849 E. Washington Ave. #102). Brent will say a few words and answer questions about his work.

There are important changes coming as the management of Tamarack transitions from me to Steve Walsten and StarLight Tews of Starprintz Studio. Keep watching for updates and exhibit information at Tamarack Studio.