Grounds for Development | Alternography

The PhotoMidwest Alternography Interest Group will be exhibiting their unique collection Grounds for Development Aug 10 – Oct 30, 2014, at the Fair Trade Coffee House, 418 State St., Madison, WI.

Main Street Winter by Kurt Westbrook

Main Street Winter by Kurt Westbrook

The unifying element in "Grounds for Development" is coffee. All the images on display were toned with coffee or developed using Caffenol, a nontoxic, ecologically friendly photographic developer made from instant coffee crystals, washing soda, and vitamin C. 

Participants are: Kurt Westbrook, David Niergarth, Gabrielle Fine, Patricia Delter and Bob Beaverson.


2014 CPM Member Show

PhotoMidwest would like to thank everyone who contributed to making the 2014 Member Show a resounding success this past March, 2014. All said, we had 88 of our members participate with images, six of which sold: Jan Karst, Spring; Mike Murray, Stare Down; Mike Engelberger, Tri-Colored Heron; Mary Gordon, Crane Chicks 10 Days Old; Paul Thorsen, Cows at Hore Abbey; and James Thornbery, Figure Study Trunk and Limbs


A Special Thanks to CPM member Mike Engelberger, who's leadership and organizational skills are essential to the success of the member show each year, and to Sarah Grimes and Amanda Kron from UW-Health for hosting and coordinating this show each year. 

(Event photo: Michael Knapstein)