What Do You Have Laying Around? Think of PhotoMidwest - We Might Need It!

PhotoMidwest is looking for donations of the items on the list below. Please first send an email to Camera@PhotoMidwest.Org describing what you have to donate. We want to avoid having too many or the wrong kind of what we need. PhotoMidwest is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and your donation may be tax deductible.


  1. Shelving, particularly in Storage room, especially heavy-duty shelves. Free standing or wall mounted.

  2. Door stops

  3. Donations for the used gear sales, in Spring for the annual meeting and in Fall for Giving Tuesday.

Digital Lab:

  1. A second rotary paper cutter such as a RotaTrim. Preferably 24" or wider for trimming prints. We currently share a 24" RotaTrim with the darkroom.

  2. Faster Apple computer for driving the Canon iPF6100 24" & Epson printers and the scanners. Must have at least 8 GB RAM, preferably 16 GB. Contact Sean Lamb or Jim Thornbery for more details by sending an email to Camera@PhotoMidwest.Org.

  3. Computer desks with keyboard return shelves, one for each of our two computers.

  4. If you have a licensed version of Adobe Photoshop CS4 or later and/or a Lightroom 4 or later that that you are able to donate, this would be much appreciated. Contact the Education Commitee at Eduction@PhotoMidwest.Org BEFORE you uninstall your old copy; we want to follow Adobe's license transfer requirements.

  5. A second monitor calibration device (or monitor and print device) to complement the Spyder4 device we have. This would allow us to loan out one device to calibrate a member’s home or work desktop monitor while retaining the other for members using their laptop and PhotoMidwest’s printers at PhotoMidwest.

  6. A newer replacement for our 24” printer. We can accomodate a slightly larger format printer up to about 36”.


  1. Working medium & large format film cameras so that we can offer a medium and large format film class. We would like to have different, representative, cameras in both formats. For medium format the camera could be anything from a Holga/Diana-type to a rangefinder, twin-lens reflex or single lens reflex. For large format we could use 4x5 field, press, or monorail cameras, lenses, film holders, and rotary developing equipment. All must be in working condition.

  2. Windows or Macintosh notebook/laptop computers capable of running both Lightroom and Photoshop. These would be available for rental during PhotoMidwest classes for students who do not have a suitable portable computer.

  3. Older copies of Adobe Lightroom (version 4 or later) or Photoshop (CS4 or later) for use during classes. Contact the Education Commitee at Eduction@PhotoMidwest.Org BEFORE you uninstall your old copy; we want to follow Adobe's license transfer requirements.


  1. Gallery sign holder for exhibit title & photographer


  1. Rotary paper/film cutter such as a RotaTrim. We have a 24" RotaTrim but a second of about this size or larger would be helpful for trimming prints (including inkjet prints) outside the darkroom. A smaller one would be an even better fit inside the darkroom.

  2. A second 35mm negative carrier for LPL/Saunders/Omega 4500 series enlargers.

  3. Enlarger alignment device.