More About Exhibiting at the PhotoMidwest Studio Gallery

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PhotoMidwest Studio Exhibits

If you are interested in exhibiting your photographs in the PhotoMidwest Gallery, please contact one of the gallery coordinators. The current coordinators are Mark Golbach ( and Mike Anderson ( You will need to provide them with the following information:

⦁    Name of exhibitor or group;
⦁    Confirmation that all exhibitors are current PMW members;
⦁    Contact information – name, phone and email – for the person in charge of this exhibit;
⦁    Type of exhibit – solo show, group show, or juried show;
⦁    Name or theme of the exhibit (content must be appropriate for the general public);
⦁    The month you’d like to exhibit (see the newsletter for available dates); and
⦁    The approximate number of images that will be exhibited.

If you have a small number of images, we may be able to arrange for you to share the gallery space with another exhibitor. In that case, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can try to find an additional exhibitor. 

Install and De-Install

We try to schedule the installation and take down of exhibits on the last Saturday of the month. Exhibitors must be present to assist with both of these events. If you are not available on the last Saturday, please contact the gallery coordinators to schedule an alternate date. 

Wall Space

Approximately 87 linear feet of wall space are available in the gallery and hall. The attached floor plan shows you where the available space is located. Please use this prior to the installation date to help you decide the order and location of the photos in your exhibit.

Forty hanging wires with hooks are available to suspend your photos from the mounting rails on the gallery walls. All photos must have framing wire on the back to which the hooks can be attached. Do not use saw-tooth hangers. 


PhotoMidwest has approximately 20 frames (some metal, some wood) that you may use for your exhibit. They should be reserved well in advance to ensure availability. Some matt boards are also available but we recommend that you use your own supplies for matting. 


You will be responsible for providing food and beverages for the opening reception, which is held from 7–9 PM on the first Thursday of the month. No alcohol may be served at these events. Some supplies such as paper plates, cups, napkins, and plastic forks are available. Please check for these supplies before the night of the reception. A presentation during the reception is optional.

Publicity for Featured Photographer Exhibits PMW Newsletter:
Send the following information to the newsletter editor ( The deadline is 5 pm on the Friday before the opening reception.

⦁    An announcement about the exhibit that the editor can cut/paste or edit if necessary.
⦁    Five pictures from the exhibit. They should be jpeg images 500 pixels on the longer side and roughly 300 KB. The image in the newsletter is changed every week. 


 Facebook notices should be sent to Kurt Westbrook ( The deadline is 5 pm on the Friday before the opening reception. Please send a horizontal image, minimum size of 1640 pixels on the long side, to run for the entire month as the banner image. This photo and the newsletter announcement will posted at the same time. 

Twitter and Instagram

 Send a short description that can be used without editing to Gena Larson ( An additional paragraph or two of interesting facts about the exhibit and/or photographer can be added.
Include your website and any social media accounts that you would like to publicize.

Submit as many photos as you like. The more photos, the more posts you might get. A specific size is not required but images that are 1000 pixels or more on the longer side work well. 


 Send the following information to The deadline is 5 pm on the Friday before the issue that comes out on the following Thursday.

⦁    Event name and a brief description
⦁    Event date along with the start and end time
⦁    Location
⦁    Contact phone number, email or website they can publish (required)
⦁    Bios are optional but do not send photos.


Submit information at least 10 days in advance online at

Gallery Floor Plan