PhotoMidwest is actively involved in promoting the photographic arts through education and other programming. Classes offered by PhotoMidwest vary throughout the year, but generally are grouped in fall and spring semester classes, ranging from introductory to advanced topics.

Through the efforts of our experienced instructors we empower both members and non-members alike to reach further, learn new photographic methods and styles, all in a friendly and supportive environment. Often students are given assignments and their images are presented to the class and discussed, with the goal that all can learn from the successes of everyone in the class. 

Most classes are held at PhotoMidwest, 700 Rayovac Dr. Suites 208 & 212, Madison, WI, unless indicated otherwise. You can email the Education Committee at Education@PhotoMidwest.Org if you have any education-related questions.


All student cancellations will incur a $10.00 processing fee, which will be deducted from any refund remitted. Cancellations more than thirty (30) days before the start of the first class session are refundable, less the above processing fee.

Cancellations at thirty (30) to fourteen (14) days before the start of the first class session will result in refunding half (50%) of the fees except for some classes where this is not feasible due to contractual arrangements with the instructor(s) and/or venue. Such exceptions will be noted in the listing of those classes.

Cancellations less than fourteen (14) days before the start of the first class session will result in the loss of all fees. You may arrange to have someone else fill your slot in the class but we must be notified of this substitution as soon as possible.  PhotoMidwest will have no involvement in any transfer of funds related to such substitutions.  If the slot in the class is not used, we will consider it as a donation to PhotoMidwest and as such, it may qualify as tax deductible. To contact the Education Committee regarding a cancellation, please email Education@PhotoMidwest.Org.

In the rare case an entire class must be cancelled by PhotoMidwest, all students will receive a full refund. Partial cancellation of a single class session will typically be addressed via a rescheduled session, not a partial refund of fees.

Photo Policy

By enrolling in this course, you consent to PhotoMidwest taking and publishing photographs of the course, which may include you, in its promotional materials to communicate what our classes, events, and/or facilities are like to potential members. To clarify, PhotoMidwest will never publish photographs YOU took without your specific written permission.