Third Thurs 7 pm Sep 19: Photogravure & Handmade Books with Paul Nylander

Photogravure and Handmade Books: Going Beyond the Exhibition with Paul Nylander
7 pm Thursday, September 19 at PhotoMidwest, 700 Rayovac Dr., Madison WI

Isolation, by Paul Nylander. All rights reserved by Paul Nylander.

Artist, designer and former PhotoMidwest Board Member Paul Nylander returns to Madison for this special Third Thursday talk featuring the culmination of his Isolation work: a hand-printed, hand-bound, limited-edition book of photogravure images and letterpress text.

Paul will explain how the creation of the book became a work of art in and of itself: Through design, the artist can control the progression, pacing, and impact of images in ways which borrow from both static exhibition and video presentation, yet create a tangible artifact that will last well beyond the lifetime of the artist.

Highway Rememberance, photogravure by Paul Nylander. All rights reserved by Paul Nylander.

In this presentation, Paul will talk about his process to create the images and prints, and how a hand-made book differs from traditional “print-on-demand” photo book.

About the artist
History of photogravure

Page Turn Triptych, by Paul Nylander. All rights reserved by Paul Nylander.

Landscape Group Meets at 7 pm Thurs, Sep 26

The Landscape interest group meets at 7 pm Thursday, September 26.

For September 26, the subject is moody landscapes, any mood, dreary, bright, etc. Then on October 24, bring simple photos that don't show unnecessary complexity.

The Landscape Group meets on the fourth Thursday of the month at 7 pm. Those interested in all kinds of landscapes images, including cityscapes, are invited to bring up to four images. Contact: Gordon Olson.

Sept Board Meeting MOVED to 3:30 pm Wed, Oct 2. Open to All Members.

The September monthly PhotoMidwest Board Meeting has been MOVED to begin at 3:30 pm Wednesday, October 2 in order for more officers & board members to attend. This is a one-time-only change of time and date. We will return to the usual Board of Directors meeting on the fourth Wednesday of every month beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Board meetings are open to any PhotoMidwest member and we encourage interested members to attend. If you have an item you would like on the agenda, email the item using the website's email form. We meet at PhotoMidwest's facilities, 700 Rayovac Dr.

Travel Group Meets 11:30 am Fri, Sep 27

The Travel Group meets at 11:30 am on Friday, September 27.

In September David Schoengold will present selections from his photos of travels in Asia in the early 1970s. These are digital scans from slides and negatives taken back then. Other people who have old photos from places of interest are encouraged to bring them. In October David Yochum will share images from travel to New Zealand, and in November Steve Cohen will present on rafting the Colorado River.

Email us at with any questions.

Third Thursday 7 pm Jul 18: PhotoLucida Portfolio Review Panel Discussion

Carolyn Knorr, Anne Connor and Jennifer Bucheit discuss their preparation, experience and take-aways from participating in the 2019 PhotoLucida Portfolio Review in Portland Oregon. This is 5 day event held every other April in Portland OR. It includes lectures, workshops, and exhibition collaborations. Intensive portfolio reviews are the centerpiecel. Reviewers are selected for their experience, involvement, and commitment to advancing the work of emerging and mid-career artists. Come join us to learn about their experience of taking it to the next level.

Third Thursday: In Search of the Darkest Skies with John Rummel, 7 pm Apr 18

Mendocino NF, by John Rummel. All rights reserved by John Rummel.

Mendocino NF, by John Rummel. All rights reserved by John Rummel.

If you missed this presentation or need the links to the websites John mentioned, click LINKS.

The night sky is under attack. Are pristine dark skies still available? Are there any within easy reach of southern Wisconsin? For the past six years, I have been lucky enough to spend several weeks each summer traveling the western US in search of dark, remote and beautiful locations for purposes of camping, hiking and night-sky photography. This presentation will focus on issues related to locating the remaining dark sky enclaves that can be found within the continental United States (including right here around southern Wisconsin), and some of the logistical and planning issues involved in getting to them. I will also show a selection of night-sky shots obtained from some of my favorite dark-sky destinations.

John Rummel is a former president of the Madison Astronomical Society, a retired psychologist, and an avid astrophotographer who has been featured on local television productions including “Wisconsin Life” on WHA.

Third Thursday, 7 pm, Mar 21: Jill Metcoff, Firelines

Jill at work, by Jill Metcolf. All rights reserved.

Jill at work, by Jill Metcolf. All rights reserved.

Jill Metcoff will discuss her 2017 book Firelines. A book signing follows.

Jill was an early member of PhotoMidwest (then known as the Center for Photography at Madison) and now lives in the Spring Green area. In addition to Firelines Jill published Along the Wisconsin Riverway in 1997.

Firelines presents the transformation and regeneration of the American landscape by fire. How to describe fire and its aftermath? Mysterious, menacing, beautiful, fairy-like, an inferno and more. Photographing controlled burns of prairie, forest and wetland, I watch smoke and fire dance through the landscape, and record the moment. I pay attention to the constant flux, second by second, so that no picture is identical. This approach to constant change frees us, — you and me --, taking us away from our daily glances at familiar landscapes and transporting us into a fragile, unknown world that happens only once. Then photography for me becomes meditation.

I work alongside well-trained burn teams, where I am at little risk. Most of my time is spent simply being on site, looking hard, observing the lines that smoke and fire will follow. I restrict myself to black and white film and a large-format camera that only takes four shots before reloading. This way I slow myself down, a practice which requires concentrated focus. Lack of color further directs attention to changing light, line, and forms in order to make images of ephemeral landscapes.

Building Firelines required editing 15 years of work down to 90 photographs, writing two essays, and then researching historic, conservation-related, and literary quotes to accompany the images. Working with the University of New Mexico Press involved negotiations on everything from the cover to the book’s size, paper types, font color, etc. Developing my layout, then refining it with UNMP was another step. Finally I went to China to supervise the printing, a fascinating and demanding process, that turned out to be necessary to arrive at what I wanted.

Copies of Firelines will be available for purchase and signing after the presentation. Her website is

Third Thursday 7 pm Nov 16: Eddee Daniel, Parks & Natural Areas in Southeastern Wisconsin

Greenway, by Eddee Daniels. All rights reserved.

The Third Thursday speaker for November 15 is Wauwatosa-based fine art photographer and natural areas activist Eddee Daniel on parks & natural areas in southeastern Wisconsin. Eddee is the webmaster for A Wealth Of Nature - Preserve Our Parks, an advocacy organization promoting awareness and the importance of the exemplary parks and natural areas of Southeastern Wisconsin. If you have images of these parks and natural areas you may submit them to this website.

You can see Eddee’s portfolios and projects on his website, .

Third Thursday: Jim Barnard’s Gender Fluidity Project, 7 pm Thurs, Oct 18

From Gender Fluidity, by James Barnard. All rights reserved by James Barnard.

Jim Barnard will be the Third Thursday speaker on October 18th. He’ll be presenting the images from his 3 year Gender Fluidity project and will share the stories behind their creation. The portraits were a collaboration between Jim and his subjects, and illustrate the range of gender identities in society.

Third Thursday 7 pm Jun 21, 2018: Selling Your Work at Art Fairs & Online. PDF of presentation available.

Art Fair Booth. All rights reserved by Don Mendenhall

Art Fair Booth. All rights reserved by Don Mendenhall

PDF of the presentation slides

Have you ever considered selling your photography at art fairs or online? Join photographers Don Mendenhall, Steve Ralser, and Sarah Stankey who currently sell their photographic work at art fairs and/or online or have worked for art fairs.

They will the whys (and why not's) of selling your photography by participating in art fairs and/or online retail websites including online retailers such as Amazon. We will cover finding and selecting the art fairs or online sites, equipment, preparation before the fair, expenses, payments, and shipping.

Third Thursday, 7 pm, May 17, 2018: Memoirs of a Freelance Magazine Photographer - Brynn Bruijn

The May 17, 2018 PhotoMidwest Third Thursday presentation at 7 pm features photographer Brynn Bruijn.

Brynn Bruijn began her career as an underwater photographer in Saudi Arabia. She then lived in Europe for twenty-five years and was a regular contributor to numerous European and American magazines including: Town & Country, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine, Professional Photography Magazine, The Netherlands, Signature, KLM Airlines in-flight Magazine, Aramco World, National Geographic and Florida Design Magazine. Her interior work has been featured in several books: The Royal Progress of William & Mary for the BBC and Dutch Government as well as Cuba, Five Hundred Years of Images, sponsored by the Bacardi Family. Several of her interiors are in the book, Fine Interiors of Naples, Florida. Her first two books were The Red Sea Coral Reefs and Uzbekistan.

Brynn has finally settled down in Mount Horeb and she will be coming to PhotoMidwest to share her experiences and her photographs.  Join her for an educational and entertaining evening.

Third Thurs 7 pm April 19, 2018: Copyright Law & the Photographer, with Elizabeth Russell

As a photographer you own thousands and thousands of copyrights. And every single one is going to outlive you. Then what? This Third Thursday presentation will begin with tips and a few surprises about managing copyrights in estate plans. After that, we’ll have an open discussion about copyright myths – because in copyright law, there’s nothing more dangerous than believing a myth.  Come and share what you firmly believe about copyright; what you kind of believe (but aren’t sure it’s true); what you don’t at all believe (but fear it might be true).

Speaker Elizabeth Russell is an attorney in Madison and a PhotoMidwest member active in both the Street Photography and the Human Interest groups. Her law practice concentrates on helping businesses in the fields of copyright, trademark and digital business law. She also has an active arts law practice. She authored Arts Law Conversations: A Surprisingly Readable Guide for Arts Entrepreneurs and has a forthcoming book on copyright in estate planning. Copies of Arts Law Conversations will be available at a discount after the presentation and can be signed by her. Her website is