Epson 3880 Non-Matte prints


Epson 3880 Non-Matte prints

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Print your images on PhotoMidwest's Espson 3880 printer on non-matte paper up to 17” wide and 37.5” long. The 3880 is capable of printing on specialty media such as poster board up to 1.5 mm thick and 16” wide. Bring your images on a USB flash drive; 16-bit files are suggested for best results.

Pay by square inches of printed image on your choice of paper: Standard (4 cents/sq in), Premium (6 cents/sq in), or User Supplied paper (3 cents/sq in).

See Store Help for details or if you have any problems making a purchase. The Shopping Cart icon appears AFTER you put an item in the cart. It is small and located inside a black rectangle with round ends in the upper right. To enroll and pay by check, use This Form.

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Printing price depends on if you use one of PhotoMidwest's Standard Papers, Premium Papers, or supply your Own Paper.

Standard papers are $0.04 per sq inch of printed image. These include all Canon-brand papers except Canon German Etching

Premium papers are $0.06 per sq inch of printed image. These include all non-Canon papers weighing 300 gsm or more or Canon German Etching.

User supplied paper is $0.03 per sq inch of printed image.

Payment must be done by 1,000's of sq in, 100's of sq in, and 1's of sq inches because SquareSpace does not permit ordering more than 500 of one item. Thus to pay for printing a 1,524 sq inch image, you must order one 1,000 sq inch item, five 100 sq inch items, and twenty-four 1 sq inch items.