How-to Print on the Epson 3880 Printers


How-to Print on the Epson 3880 Printers


This orientation is open only to PhotoMidwest members. PhotoMidwest’s two Epson 3880’s can print up to 17” wide with pigment inks and can handle flat media such as poster board up to 1.5mm thick and 16”wide. NOTE that you must bring your computer to PhotoMidwest several days before the class starts to connect your computer to the network and load the printer drivers. Please read details below.

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Begins at 10 AM , ends at noon, Saturday morning, April 6, 2019

This orientation should enable PhotoMidwest members to come in any time the building is open and know operational aspects such as nozzle checks, media feed paths (the 3880 has three),  basic troubleshooting, and how to not damage the printers.

You must schedule a time and day before the class starts to bring your computer to PhotoMidwest in order to get it connected to the network and loaded with the printer drivers. The enrollment form will allow you to request several times and days to do this with someone familiar with your computer’s operating system.

If you do not have a suitable laptop computer, PhotoMidwest has one laptop capable of handling small image files (1920 pixels in maximum dimension) and one desktop capable of handling larger image files. You should first reserve one of these two computers before enrolling in this class. To reserve a computer, use the Reserve a Computer item in this same online Store.

Bring along one or more images you want to print on a USB flash drive. We suggest 16-bit TIFF or Photoshop files for best results. If possible, also bring a laptop computer with the image processing software you use (e.g. Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One, etc.). Having your own computer will maximize your ability to print.

There is a maximum of four members in this orientation. The registration fee covers making two prints on the printer, so be sure to bring along some image you want to print.

This orientation will not cover image processing such as color management. This orientation is only available to PhotoMidwest members.

We intend to offer this class several times a year and also offer a similar class for the Canon iPF6100 24” printer.