PhotoMidwest Studio Rental Policies and Procedures

The Large Room is available as a studio to rent on short term basis to current PhotoMidwest members for photography done by that member. It is not for the member to rent for photography done by a non-member. The rental rate and online scheduling is on the Schedule Studio Time page.

The studio can be reserved for the member’s photography sessions or client meetings. Members must reserve studio time in advance so the time can be allocated on the appropriate Google calendar. Time slots are in 1-hour increments with a minimum of 1 hour. Note that the outside doors to the building automatically lock at about 7:30 pm on weekdays and 4 pm Saturdays. Do not leave the building after these times and expect to get back inside unless you have an electronic key fob for the lobby inner door.

If the member renting the studio does not already have an electronic lock code access to the PhotoMidwest studio, it is the member’s responsibility to arrange for entry and supervision during their rental time. Email Camera@PhotoMidwest.Org for further details on access.

Members may shoot professional photography assignments during their studio rental time. Members must carry their own liability insurance and must supply a certificate of insurance to PhotoMidwest prior to reserved time. A photocopy or scanned image of the certificate can be sent to Camera@PhotoMidwest.Org with the subject line "Certificate of insurance for (member name)".


Members must bring their own equipment, including but not limited to: cameras, memory cards, lighting, batteries, computers and props. We do have a limited number of light stands, a large soft box, and some strobes. Members must make their own arrangements for models that will be photographed. Storage for member equipment is currently not available at the studio between studio rental times. PhotoMidwest chairs and tables may be used. The 65" Sony flat panel display on a wheeled cart may be used for tethering if it is not in use for a class.

Due to the number of PhotoMidwest activities that also take place in the same space, there is to be no expectation for the studio to be left bare before a rental reservation. However, members are expected to clean up after themselves and to leave the studio in a state that it can easily and quickly be configured for the next PhotoMidwest activity. Other rooms in the facility may be in use during the rental time.

The Darkroom may also be in use during your studio time unless you also rent both darkroom openings for the time period you want to have exclusive use of both the Large room and the Darkroom. Darkroom reservations are made online on this website at Darkroom Time. You can also check to see if anyone is scheduled to use Darkroom. If no one is scheduled, there will be two openings for the Darkroom at a given time. You do not need to have a darkroom orientation if you will not be using the Darkroom for film processing or printing.

All users of the facility shall be responsible for ensuring that the conduct of all users will conform with all applicable laws. The activities of any renter of the facility are conducted only for the purpose of the renter, and are not done as an agent or co-adventurer of PhotoMidwest.

Flammable materials, dangerous materials, liquids, and loose or airborne powdered materials are prohibited. Photography services performed at the studio cannot include any open flames, including candles, or any pungent or dangerous items. Animals are not allowed.

Studio use is for photography done by the PhotoMidwest member or a meeting with the member's client.

It is not for use to teach a class, seminar, or other activities without the written consent of the PhotoMidwest board.