The Lowell Center - Details for Exhibitors

Mission Statement – The Lowell Center is located at 610 Langdon St., on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus and operated by the University of Wisconsin-Extension Conference Centers (EEC). Its gallery space is located in the front lobby of the center and is dedicated to showcasing the creativity and talent of photographic artists throughout the Madison area and southern Wisconsin.

Lobby Hours – The Lowell Center is generally open to the public every day from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and is generally closed on holidays. To check on The Lowell Center schedule, call the Front Desk at 608-256-2621.

Capacity, Floor Plan – The Lowell Center Lobby has approximately 50 linear feet and generally fits 18-20 images that measure up to 18 x 22 inches. If you want to arrange a visit to see the exhibit space, contact the current exhibit space coordinator: Wayne Brabender,

Annual Exhibit Cycle – The Lowell Center Lobby showcases six exhibits per year. Each photographic artist or group of artists will exhibit work for two months. The annual exhibit cycle begins in January.

Eligible Work – The Lowell Center accepts only original works of photographic art by individual photographers or groups of photographers. All work must be appropriate for families and general audiences, i.e., no images depicting nudity, sex, drugs, violence, or extreme topics. The exhibit space coordinator reserves the right to screen images for appropriateness.

Artwork Preparation – Your photographic art must be properly mounted, matted, and framed and be equipped for hanging on the lobby’s wooden wall panels when you arrive for installation. The exhibit space coordinator uses fishing line and an S-hook system to hang artwork for the bulk of the exhibit area. Lowell Center has also installed the Walker Hanging System for a hallway that will accept up to six images. We suggest that you hang your artwork at eye level, which is generally considered to be 58 to 62 inches on center.

Titles, Captions – If your exhibit includes labels with artwork information or captions, you must provide your own labels that will not damage the wooden panels. Labels are to be attached to the wall using “poster putty” (no tape, glue, or other adhesives are allowed). We also suggest that your labels adhere to a standard font and size format (2 x 3 inches), listing the following information: Artwork Title, Name of Artist, Media, Year, and Price (optional).

Artist Information – You are encouraged to hang an artist’s statement along with your photos, including your exhibit title, description of exhibit, and exhibitor’s biographical information. A plastic wall-mounted holder is provided for business cards, post cards, or brochures. You can also leave contact information with The Lowell Center Front Desk staff. Three weeks before your exhibit is to begin, email your artist statement and three to five exhibit photos to the exhibit space coordinator for promotion in the PhotoMidwest electronic newsletter. 

Installation – Generally, installation of exhibits occurs on the first day of a two-month exhibit period. No storage spaces are available at the Lowell Center, so crates, boxes, packing materials, etc., must be removed after installation.

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